About Us

"DME" Ltd (Dotan Maritime Enterprise Ltd) - The Company specializes in researching and developing new products. The engineers of the company are in constant search for unique technologies and innovative solutions. The result of this "techno-technological" mix was the creation of a patented kick-up rudder system with the use of several know-how technologies.

2019 - Marine engineers of the company have developed a set of a daggerboard and a rudder for a promising racer in the Optimist class. The special design of the dagger will help the future champion achieve a better result faster.

2017 - A new version of the rudder blade for the Optimist class from the lightweight Okoume plywood has been released to the market. Only in the first month, 100 rudders for the Optimist boat were sold to Israel and New Zealand.

2012 - Now the Dotan kick-up rudder systems are used in more than 50 countries of the World.

2009 - The "Award for Export and Innovation" from the Ministry of Economics of Latvia was awarded to the best company. This award is especially valuable for us, as it was received during the crisis.

2003 We believe this is a very important article:  "Attention Optimist Sailors"

2002 - Winner METS 2002 in the category Deck equipment, for the product kick-up rudder system.

1998 - The beginning of mass production of rudders in 12 basic versions.

1997 - The design of a rudder box made of reinforced polyamide of increased strength has been developed.

1997 - The company Dotan has developed a new technology for manufacturing a rudder blade, based on the simultaneous action of high pressure with a thermal shock. This is know-how technology.

1997 - Registration of the company DME Ltd., which specializes in the development and production of the kick-up rudder systems.

1996 - Made the first version of the rudder with an aluminum rudder box.

1995 - Received a patent for the kick-up rudder system. US Patent # 5,447,113. Rudder, Foreign patent documents: 2372078 7/1978 France; 2398662 3/1979 France; 1544345 4/1979 United Kingdom

1989 - The engineers developed a new concept of kick-up rudder system for catamarans, sailboats and dinghy.


Dotan`s rudder benefits

  • Flick-of-the-Wrist Magic

    Dotan's conceptually brilliant rudder mechanism enables you to set the blade with a simple flick of the wrist.
  • Rudder Box: Constructed of Non-Corrosive

    Incomparably strong and matchlessly durable, using non-corrosive, composite materials which make the Dotan rudder box more steadier against dynamic loadings than aluminum boxes.
  • Blade Shape: NACA Hydrodynamic Profile 

    The Dotan rudder blade's profile is designed on the basis of the NACA 0009 hydrodynamic profile (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics). The Dotan rudder blade's shape minimizes wave and inductive resistance.
  • Encountering obstacles

    When hitting underwater obstacles such as rocks, sandbanks, jellyfish, etc., the blade automatically kicks up.
  • Warranty

    Your Dotan rudder system comes with a 3-year limited warranty for the rudder box and with a 2-year limited warranty for the blade. The rudder box for Optimists has a 10-year limited warranty.


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