Design Award

Dotan's Kick-Up Solution Wins METS 2002 Design Award!

Judges at the METS 2002 held in Amsterdam, Holland, nominated Dotan's kick-up rudder system winner of the METS 2002 Design Award, awarding it top prize for Best Designed Product in the Field of Marine Equipment and Accessories.

The Marine Equipment Trade Show - METS held annually in Amsterdam, is the biggest and most important international exhibition in Europe for suppliers of equipment, materials, accessories and services to the international leisure craft trade and industry.

Exhibitors from 37 countries took part in the METS 2002. Judges at the exhibition announced 138 product nominations from 103 companies.

Judges appreciated "the advantage of the (Dotan) kick-up rudder system's design, functionality, originality, innovation, user-friendliness and price/quality ratio".

Every product was judged by an international panel of experts, all professionals in the field of sailing, marine technology, design and marketing.

METS 2002 organizers released the following press communique (on November 19th, 2002), following announcement of the competition results:

Winners in the Category of 'Deck Equipment, Sails and Rigging'

Taking top prize at this year's awards, the dinghy kick-up rudder system from Dotan Maritime Industries, Ltd., "eliminates ropes to control the blade and replaces them with a lift and latching mechanism in the stock. The Jury was impressed both by the simplicity and the elegance of this design".


Dotan`s rudder benefits

  • Flick-of-the-Wrist Magic

    Dotan's conceptually brilliant rudder mechanism enables you to set the blade with a simple flick of the wrist.
  • Rudder Box: Constructed of Non-Corrosive

    Incomparably strong and matchlessly durable, using non-corrosive, composite materials which make the Dotan rudder box more steadier against dynamic loadings than aluminum boxes.
  • Blade Shape: NACA Hydrodynamic Profile 

    The Dotan rudder blade's profile is designed on the basis of the NACA 0009 hydrodynamic profile (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics). The Dotan rudder blade's shape minimizes wave and inductive resistance.
  • Encountering obstacles

    When hitting underwater obstacles such as rocks, sandbanks, jellyfish, etc., the blade automatically kicks up.
  • Warranty

    Your Dotan rudder system comes with a 3-year limited warranty for the rudder box and with a 2-year limited warranty for the blade. The rudder box for Optimists has a 10-year limited warranty.


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