Alan Howland, Shearwater National Champion 2004

Having sailed Shearwater catamarans for many years the choice of rudders has always been a difficult one, particularly in trying to obtain a balance between efficiency, ease of operation, durability and weight. I am pleased to say that, having fitted Dotan rudders to my latest Shearwater " Alley Cat ", the decision to do so was absolutely right.

The design, construction and ease of operation are superb and I have no hesitation in recommending them for use on any catamaran.

President of the Israel Optimist Class Association
Mrs. Ilana Kriger

First class product! We've been using Dotan rudders in our sailing school since April 1998. Its use helps a lot in the progress of training, making it easy to enter / leave the sea. I recommend every sailor to equip themselves with it! I'm ready to answer all your questions.

Contact Mrs. ILANA KRIGER at:
Tel: 972-3-7313463

International Judge

I've seen the Dotan kick-up rudders in action. I consider this product a huge breakthrough (and a reprieve of sorts) for children sailing on Optimists. There is no reason not to use it.

Contact Miki at:
Tel: 972-3-6414845

Senior Optimist Instructor

We've been using Dotan Maritime Industries' rudders since September 1998. Kids got used to them and like them because now they no longer need to waste time immersed in cold water before getting started (they'd sometimes spend 10-15 minutes shivering in the water). When we used the legacy Optimist rudders, there were cases in which waves or other boats knocked the kids down and this was very dangerous. Now, with the Dotan rudder preinstalled on the Optimists, I no longer need to run from one boat to another, helping each kid to set up the rudder, or to wade in the water to help each kid uninstall in deep water. I can now focus on training the children in sailing Optimists. I'd recommend the Dotan rudder to every sailor.

Contact Alex at:

Keith Elliott Auckland, New Zealand

We're using the Dotan 20 rudder on our new fibreglass Starling. We've had excellent feedback from all skippers who report that the rudder blade is a joy to use. The Starling is New Zealand's most popular class for 50 – 70 kg sailors. They love the well-made, adjustable stock and the ease-of lift-operation with the tiller, as we often have rough conditions for launching and retrieving boats.

Contact Keith to hear directly from him what his opinion is of the Dotan rudder at:


Mizzen Marine, Ltd.
Garrett Connolly
Promoter of the 3.6 meter youth skiff, the Zzap

The Zzap is a two person, high-performance skiff-style dinghy, designed for post-Optimist sailors. The Zzap has been using the Dotan 20 rudder box as standard since June 1999. It is an excellent product, beautifully engineered, simple and easy to use and we feel that it really does add value to our boat.

Eric Sorensen, USA
Check out the web site where I've posted photos to show off my installation of your rudder on my Moth. Thanks again! The Dotan rudder is a wonderful product. I now have a new 'free' boat but the need for another rudder is way down the list. Maybe.... Count Ferrari.

Amnon Samogora, Israel National Coach

We tested the Dotan rudder in the Mediterranean Sea off Kibbutz Sdot-Yam over a 9 month period under varying weather conditions. The rudder performed excellently in all weather conditions. The rudder also performs very well during races. Its engineered, composite materials prolong its lifespan. Moreover, the Dotan rudder is cheaper in the long term than any other alternative rudder. It's much easier to launch / put to shore with due to its kick-up mechanism which works easily and reliably. No strings, springs and brackets, which deteriorate with time. The mechanism is simple and durable. I consider this rudder a high-tech product and would like to see it in worldwide use.

Contact Amnon at:
Nautical Centre Caesarea
Kibbutz Sdot - Yam 38805
Tel: +972 6 6260241, mobile: 972-52-832054
Fax: +972 6 6263701

Hobie Cat 18 Owner

Bravo!!! Very smart product! I've been using Dotan 25 rudders since the end of 1997. I heartily recommend Dotan rudders on Hobie Cats.
Contact Hod at:
Tel: 972-9-774-5889

Произвольные товары

Преимущества руля Dotan

  •  Простой и надежный принцип действия

    Принцип действия руля Dotan позволяет Вам установить перо легким взмахом руки. Это действие занимает менее секунды.
    Раз и навсегда распрощайтесь с веревками, резинками, барашковыми гайками, рулевыми системами тяни-толкай.
  • Коробка Руля сделана из композитов

    Беспрецедентная по прочности и качеству коробка руля изготовлена из композитных коррозионностойких материалов, которые делают ее более устойчивой к динамическим нагрузкам, по сравнению с алюминиевыми аналогами. Особенности конструкции и свойства материала обеспечивают высокую износоустойчивость на многие годы эксплуатации.
  • Перо руля 

    Легкое и вместе с тем прочное благодаря встроенному лонжерону и новейшей технологии высокого давления с термическим ударом.
    Сечение перьев спроектированы на основе гидродинамических профилей NACA 0009 и STEINER, а форма пера руля разработана с учетом минимизации волнового и индуктивного сопротивления (дополнительная информация).


    Конструкция позволяет легко адаптировать руль к множеству парусных лодок и катамаранов. В конструкции коробки руля предусмотрена возможность регулирования расстояния между рулевыми петлями.

    При столкновении с подводными препятствиями (камни, песчаная отмель, медузы, и т.д.) перо руля автоматически поднимается.

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