Rudder Construction

Rudder Drawing

Rudder construction


Rudder box 25 assembly

For Blade by thickness 25 mm


Rudder box 20 assembly

For Blade by thickness 20 mm 


Rudder box 14 assembly for Optimist

For Blade by thickness 14 mm


Rudder Description

Part № Description
Rudder assembly 25
001 R 25 - BL1 Rudder 25, fiberglass blade 1
002 R 25 - BL1A Rudder 25, fiberglass blade 1A
003 R 25 - BL2 Rudder 25, fiberglass blade 2
004 R 25 - BL7 Rudder 25, fiberglass blade 7
005 R 25 - BL/FD Rudder 25, fiberglass blade FD
Rudder assembly 20
010 R 20 - BL1 Rudder 20, fiberglass blade 1
011 R 20 - Bl2 Rudder 20, fiberglass blade 2
Rudder assembly 14
021 R 14-P/BL-W Dotan's Kick-Up Rudder for Optimist, racing version, with a wooden blade, all the fittings and tiller.
021 R 14-8/BL-W Dotan's Kick-Up Rudder for Optimist, club version, with a wooden blade, all the fittings and tiller. The gudgeon have holes of 8 mm.
024 R 14-P/BL-FRP Dotan's Kick-Up Rudder for Optimist, racing version, with a fiberglass blade, all the fittings and tiller.
025 R 14-8/BL-FRP Dotan's Kick-Up Rudder for Optimist, club version, with a fiberglass blade, all the fittings and tiller. The gudgeon have holes of 8 mm.
027 R14-BL CADET Rudder 14- Cadet
028 R 14-BL2 Rudder 14/BL2
Rudder Box assembly
030 RB 25/8AS Rudder box 25/AS with holes Ø8mm
030 RB 25/10AS Rudder box 25/AS with holes Ø10mm
031 RB 25/P8AS Rudder box 25/AS with pins Ø8mm
031 RB 25/P10AS Rudder box 25/AS with pins Ø10mm
032 RB 20/8AS Rudder box 20/AS with holes Ø8mm
033 RB 20/P8AS Rudder box 20/AS with pins Ø8mm
034 RB 14/P6AS Rudder box 14/AS with pins Ø6mm
035 RB 14/8AS Rudder Box 14/AS with holes Ø8mm 
Rudder Box
040 RB 25/8 or 10 Rudder box 25 with holes Ø8mm or Ø10mm
041 RB 25/P8 or 10 Rudder box 25 with pin Ø8mm or Ø10mm
042 RB 20/8 Rudder box 20 with holes Ø8mm
043 RB 20/P8 Rudder box 20 with pins Ø8mm
044 RB 14/P6 Rudder box 14 with pins Ø6mm
045 RB 14/8 Rudder box 14 with holes Ø8mm
Tiller Housing assembly
050 TH 25AS Tiller Housing 25 asembly
051 TH 20AS Tiller Housing 20 asembly
052 TH 14AS Tiller Housing 14 assembly
060 BL 25/1 Fiberglass blade 25-1
061 BL 25/1A Fiberglass blade 25-1A
062 BL 25/2 Fiberglass blade 25-2
063 BL 25/7 Fiberglass blade 25-7
064 BL 25/FD Fiberglass blade 25-FD
065 BL 20/1 Fiberglass blade 20-1
066 BL 20/2 Fiberglass blade 20-2
067 BL 14/Q-W-PA Wooden blade for Optimist with polyamide adapter.
068 BL 14/Q-W-PC Wooden blade for Optimist with with transparent adapter
069 BL 14/Q-FRP Fiberglass blade for Optimist
070 BL 14/2 Fiberglass blade 14-2
071 BL 14/C BL 14/Cadet plywood
080 G 25R/8 or Ø10 Gudgeon R25 hole Ø8 or Ø10
081 G 25R/P8 or /P10 Gudgeon R 25 pin Ø8 or ØP10
082 G 25/8 or Ø10 Gudgeon 25 hole Ø8 or Ø10
083 G 25/P8 or /P10 Gudgeon 25 pin Ø8 or ØP10
084 G 20/8 Gudgeon 20 hole Ø8
085 G 20/P8 Gudgeon 20 pin Ø8
086 G 20/P6 Gudgeon 20 pin Ø6
087 G 14/8 Gudgeon 14 hole Ø8
088 G 14/P6 Gudgeon 14 pin Ø6
090 C 25 Coulisse  25
091 CB 25 Coulisse -Bolts 25
092 CN 25 Coulisse -Nut 25
093 C 20  Coulisse 20
094 CB 20 Coulisse -Bolts 20
095 CN 20 Coulisse -Nut 20
096 C 14 Coulisse -14
100 D-AD20/PA Adapter 20 Polyamide
101 D-AD20/PC Adapter 20 Transparent
102 D-L25 Lock 25
103 D-L20 Lock 20
104 D-ER Elastic silicone rubber
105 D-LP Lock plate
106 D-BU Bushing
107 D-EC End cup
108 D-RO Roller
109 D-RV Rivet
110 D-WA Washer
201 T-0.7 Tiller Ø 28x1.5x0.7 m
202 T-0.8 Tiller Ø 28x1.5x0.8 m
203 T-0.9 Tiller Ø 28x1.5x0.9 m
204 T-1.0 Tiller Ø 28x1.5x1.0 m
205 T-L* Tiller Ø 28x1.5xL* m
210 B-M6/53 Bolt M 6x53+Nut Nylstop M 6
211 B-M6/45 Bolt M 6x45+Nut Nylstop M 6
212 B-M6/40 Bolt M 6x40+Nut Nylstop M 6
213 B-M5/20 Bolt M 5x20+Nut Nylstop M 5
214 B-M5/16 Bolt M 5x16+Nut Nylstop M 5
215 S-M4/12 Screw


Dotan`s rudder benefits

  • Flick-of-the-Wrist Magic

    Dotan's conceptually brilliant rudder mechanism enables you to set the blade with a simple flick of the wrist. This action takes less than a second
    Say goodbye once and for all to ropes, elastic bands, fly-nut, screw-in rudder systems and multi-step setting and lifting actions.
  • Rudder Box: Constructed of Non-Corrosive

    Incomparably strong and matchlessly durable, using non-corrosive, composite materials which make the Dotan rudder box more steadier against dynamic loadings than aluminum boxes.
  • Rudder Blade 

    The rudder blade is lightweight and yet durable thanks to the integrated spar and special know-how of high-pressure technology with thermal shock.
    The Dotan rudder blade's profile is designed on the basis of the STEINER and NACA 0009 hydrodynamic profile (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics). The Dotan rudder blade's shape minimizes wave and inductive resistance (more info.)

  • Rudder Adjustment

    The design makes it easy to adapt the rudder box to a variety of sailing boats and catamarans. The rudder box provides the ability to adjust the distance between the gudgeons.
  • Encountering obstacles

    When hitting underwater obstacles such as rocks, sandbanks, jellyfish, etc., the blade automatically kicks up.
  • Warranty

    The rudder box for Optimists has a 5-year limited warranty.


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